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Landscape Management Services

Personalized service for your outdoor space

Vail Landscape Maintenance

All Season Maintenance

Let the professionals at Gore Range Landscaping take care of your landscape maintenance needs. We offer the best service in:

-Lawncare – aerate, fertilize, weed and feed, mowing
-Plant Healthcare
-Irrigation Service – move, add and repair your sprinker system
-Water Feature Maintenance
-Gardening – get your beds ready, plant, maintain
-Holiday Lighting

Personalized Maintenance Program

Landscape maintenance is essential in preserving the original design and vision of your landscape project. Professional landscape maintenance can help to keep your garden looking lush, green and as beautiful as the day it was planted.

Landscape Management Services

Aerating your lawn

When we aerate your lawn, we create, with our aeration machine, holes in the lawn to allow air, water and nutrients to enter the root system.  The holes disappear over time as the soil expands and as compaction is eliminated.  Overall you’ll notice improvement in the lawn health and appearance.

Weed and Feed

Your lawn may need to have ‘weed and feed’ treatment.  In the Valley, we often see such things as dandelions and sometimes clover in the lawn.  Application of weed and feed at the right time can help control weeds in the lawn and lead to better, overall lawn health.

Landscape Management Services